Boğaziçi'nde "Çağdaş Sanat" Röportaj Dizisi, 2010

Tore Terrasi

Emeran Irby, Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

Artist Interview with Tore Terrasi
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Emeran Irby: How would you categorize yourself as an artist?

Tore Terrasi:I try not categorize myself as a specific artist. Less and less artists work in one medium or with a few ideas. Even the notion of blurring boundaries is getting cliche. So where does that leave us? In my grandfathers generation people generally worked the same job for 40 years. They were married to same person, lived in the same place, and had the same interests their entire life. Artists also fit that mold.....they painted or they sculpted or they designed. Today we are more diverse in how we live our lives and our situation changes rapidly. Today's artist generally reflects this multiplicity or moving target notion of life. Sometimes I categorize my self as a poet (or visual poet), sometimes as a Graphic Designer or typographer, sometime as a digital artist or animator, or sometimes I'm more vague...artist. Typically it depends on the situation I'm in or what I need to call myself at that specific moment.

Emeran Irby: All of your work seems to involve some sort of textual component, how do you choose the words or poems that you use?

Tore Terrasi:Text is VERY important in my work. Perhaps it is because my background was literature and writing, then Graphic Design. After studying those fields for a few years I sort of fell into this rhythm of merging them and adding animation or time. In graduate school I was introduced to semiotics. I found this field of study (or perspective to understanding the world) very interesting.

Usually the text is self generated, reflecting on the aesthetic of the art work which embodies it. Look at and read my piece 'memory'. Even "Poem#_" comments on the very nature of language and words and our understanding and usage of them.

Emeran Irby: What inspired you to start working as an artist?

Tore Terrasi:It wasn't until college, two years into college in fact. I started as a business major. YIKES! It only took me one semester of that crap to figure out I didn't want to be doint that the rest of my life. I switched to English and though I liked it i felt something was missing. I didn't realize art/design could be a legitimate career. After meeting some friends who were design majors and seeing what they were doing I started to realize the potential and started to gain the confidence I could do it well.

Emeran Irby: What affect do you hope you artwork to have on the viewer?

Tore Terrasi: I want my work to be visually and intellectually engaging. I am often disappointed with the art I see ( though sometimes I'm very impressed). I want my work to stay with the viewer. To make a connection. I'm not trying to save the world or sell products with my work. I just want people to think a little more.

Emeran Irby:What advice would you give to art students hoping to make a career as an artist?

Tore Terrasi: You need to be smart and hardworking. Art is for the intellectuals. It always has been. If you're not great in art or design you will not make it past teaching 3rd graders at the community center on Sundays. I would also advice to take the field seriously. You choose to be an artist because you like how it makes you feel and it's fun....but that is not enough. It has to be a serious fun/professional fun.

Emeran Irby: How do you hope you work is remembered?

Tore Terrasi: Clever. Unique but not weird. Accessible but not dumbed down. In the end I suppose it's enough to simply BE remembered. One shouldn't be too picky about HOW they are remembered.