Contemporary Art @ Boğaziçi - Interview Project, 2010

Magda Bielesz (Warsaw,Poland,1977)

Öznur Çukur, Boğaziçi University,


Magda BIELESZ was born in Warsaw, Poland on March .25 .1977 . She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. On the other side; She works with Conceptual art, Digital art, Drawing, Installation, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture and Video. ‘Universal Wish’ is one of her the most famous work which includes lots of people’s wishes. She lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. nstallation, paintings, video and other Works with instpaintingvideo and other media

Öznur Çukur: How can you introduce yourself, in your opinion who is Magda Bielesz?

Magda Bielesz: I work with paintings, video and other media. Besides, My works are created from memory, imagination and dreams. In addition to this, my art not only have a strong meaning and connection to myself, but also connect to my childhood and happiness. Although, Often broaching topics of health and sickness.I create a specific mythology of ungrowing. I think I'm a child and I will stay a child for ever. 

Öznur Çukur: What is your starting point to art, you are interested with art from your childhood or there was a turning point to start art?

Magda Bielesz: I don't like when somebody calls me an artist .I think I had never grow up like small boy who come from Die Blechtrommel story of  Günter Grass. when I was a child I decided to stay as a child for ever and being an artist it’s just the perfect professional :) .So firstly,I am a child. Secondly, I am an artist. 

Öznur Çukur: When I saw one of your work which name is Universal Wish.I impressed it. What can you say about this wonderful work?

Magda Bielesz: When I was a child ,I used to paint everything that I wanted to have. At that time they were child’s wishes, like to be a princess or to have a dog, but now I’m going this way. Mike Kelley said: "Artists are people who are allowed a certain social privilege to act out in ways that adults aren't supposed to act out". And it is great. Thanks to that I feel safer and more sure of myself…

I asked people that I met on my way in the small village of Mooste in Estonia( where I was in residency in MoKS which is MTÜ Mooste Külalis Stuudio.) What their dreams and What is the most important wish in their life.After that , I made small pictures as a representation of their wishes.Finally every person who I met has got their own wishes... their wishes come true.

I want to make the utopian vision of happiness which I have used painting as a material. Aspect of my idea I appeal to Jacques Lacan's the perception theory of subjects. I tried to make a reconstruction on canvas, a picture is seeing from other person’s mind. The most important aspect of this work is that perceiving and the challenge of moving the picture from one mind into another: At last we can see things in a different way. Thinking "a window" or "a plant" lead to be thinking different windows and plants.There could be differences between the dreams which I painted and dreams into their minds, but I took these risks. I put polaroid pictures on opposite walls - one side I put on the owner of the wish, and on the second wall I painted wish with at the same level.

My other wish-related Project is that in collaboration with Babel ( Chris Joseph from UK ) There is an online blog which allow everybody who can write their wishes there. Sometimes Chris or me choose one of them to provided it comes true ( we made graphic images and put it on our web site )In addition to this I made some pills with wishes like: Meet E.T./ change your life/ tears stopper/always fresh breath/change Your sperm taste - banana, nuts, carrot etc./feel success and happiness/have a best friend/feel beauty/fall in love/connection improver/refreshing smile/be afro/be me/be born again. Fresh breath always was a small mint candy meeting ET who was a green pill etc.