Contemporary Art @ Bo─čaziçi - Interview Project, 2010

Martin John Callanan

Fatma Kahraman, B.U.,


Martin John Callanan is an artist who exhibits his work mostly by means of his web site. It has both an intresting design and works. He uses google-earth in some of his works. For example in his “Location of I” work he published his physical location every minute for two years. In this aspect, his work has similarity with Avi Rosen's work “Digital Skin” he makes use of Google Earth like Martin John Callanan.

Fatma Kahraman: What is your first involvement in digital installations and interactive Fine Art media works? How did you come to this field of art and what is most influential?

Martin John Callanan: I consider myself an artist. I am free to employ or invent any medium best communicates the ideas I am researching. Leading edge research and theories influence me the most.

Fatma Kahraman: Your early computer animation and digital photographic works from the early 1990s were screened at various festivals and art laboratories. Could you talk about these? What is the thing that which makes your works so noticeable and precious?

Martin John Callanan: People are able to engage in the work I produce. The ideas are interesting to other people, so the work is included in exhibitions, festivals, and conferences.

Fatma Kahraman: Which technique do you use? Tell me something about the technical equipment such as digital media, audio, installation, network you use.

Martin John Callanan: The technical aspects of my work are not important. I often have to invent or push existing to technologies to produce my work. The final outcome is never firstly about the technology.

Fatma Kahraman: When we are talking about your website, what is the meaning of the colour grey?

Martin John Callanan: The extremes of colour are absolute black and absolute white. Grey represents all the space in between.

Fatma Kahraman: You undertake research exploring citizenship and governance within the globally connected world and. Can we say that your works have a sociological or political aspect?

Martin John Callanan: All art is subjective. My work is no different in this respect. If, to you, my research provokes such lines of inquiry this could not be wrong.

In conclusion, Martin John Callanan is an artist who engages in works very intresting and unusual. Grey is an important colour in his art. Moreover, His art provokes such lines of inquiry this could not be wrong.