Contemporary Art @ Boğaziçi - Interview Project, 2010

Teoman Madra
Fatma Kahraman

Translation: Gökçe Ağaoğlu

Teoman Madra reads McLuhan’s book “Medium is the message” and then first he starts to make some light shows with a torch. As he said he thinks that what he did resembles contemporary art, therefore he becomes interested in contemporary art. Then he makes videos with the first digital computer Amiga. Right now besides using “free hand” programme he is still using light shows. In his work another thing that is as important as light is contemporary music. Furthermore he displays his work on websites and joins web biennials.
Fatma Kahraman: You are one of the first artists in Turkey who create art work by using digital technologies. How did your interest toward art begin? What kind of things do you think has changed since then in terms of new media art and contemporary art?
Teoman Madra: My first digital works started with Amiga computer and with some video art works on PC after 1998. My abstract photography began with the resemblance of my photos to the classic famous artists’ abstractions in current art. After that I started to follow all contemporary art news and developments in order to stay on the loop. There were a lot of developments and trends but the ones that are related to new media art like video art visuals are taking place today.,,,,
Fatma Kahraman: How would you approach to the notions of art, design, production and consumption? How would you define your aim in general?
Teoman Madra: I see these as new aesthetic findings and developing art levels. Recently issues related to contemporary art are quite post modern, political, social and contains various references to various issues here as well. Therefore it is useful to follow all contemporary art activities.
Fatma Kahraman: How would you define your field of study?
Teoman Madra: I want to create art works about New Media Art, contemporary photography and visual art.
Fatma Kahraman: What are your expectations from the audience? Do you take advantage of the effects that visuals have on human psychology?
Teoaman Madra: My expectations from the audience are to be able to share what I produce and to be able to get feedback.
Fatma Kahraman: How do you see the position of new media art in Turkey and in the world? What would you like to say about its future?
Teoman Madra: I think there is a lack of criticism in terms of the content but nowadays there is a need for curatorial discipline as well.
Fatma Kahraman: Light and Kinetic are important notions for you. How would you define your route map and the concepts that lead you in your creative projects in general?
Teoman Madra: I create my work with the help of technological equipments. However I think at the same time I use extraordinary methods and combine them with creative tasks as well but by doing those my aim is to share the problems that we have. In my art works new seminal inventions are always there. Lastly I am working on making my photo works in to big scale posters.
Fatma Kahraman: In your art work music is an important element. Which style of music do you prefer?
Teoman Madra: I prefer experimental improvised staff, jazz and new contemporary music styles. In order to do this I follow the works of some composers and recent bands and try to discover the musicians that are similar to those.
Fatma Kahraman: Which one do you use most to realize your ideas and projects, media technologies such as analogue-digital or traditional art figures?
Teoman Madra: Both in music and photography digital and analogue works can support each other in various ways. For instance, light shows can improve photography techniques and they can also help with the mastery that it provides in the professional or amateur shots. Furthermore both in photography and digital work the possibility that I can archive them helps me a lot to improve my works and update myself.
Fatma Kahraman: Do you have new projects coming out in the near future?
Teoman Madra: There may be an exhibition in early January in the place where there is a Comet exhibition. I also had an invitation from Rome for an exhibition. We hosted an artist from Rome last month, if I can arrange I want to go Rome as well.