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Open CALL for Web Projects

May 2020

The Web Biennial is an online, independent, international media arts festival.

(TÜRKÇE metin)

The Web Biennial aims at serving as a portal for experimental and non-representational electronic art. It focuses on network-based alternative art practices. It was founded by artist and theoretician Genco Gulan in 2003. The project is hosted by Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum.

Since the exhibition Reload as its unofficial kick-off in 2002, the Web Biennial has continued to contribute visibility to pioneering media arts as a promising model for participatory created content. It was established earlier than many other popular applications based on user content, such as Facebook (2004), YouTube (2005) and Instagram (2010), for which it also constituted a model.
So far, the Web Biennial has organized six online editions on an irregular basis, namely in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2014. Each edition featured the works of hundreds of artists from all over the world. Particularly, the open calls for the early editions were translated into many different languages. The event was addressed at academic conferences such as “Refresh”; publications like Milliyet Sanat and physical exhibitions such as “Regeneration.011” hosted by Plato Art Center.

Having emerged as a festival without a sponsor, curator, main theme or even a city, the event with its ‘open exhibition’ format has had constituted an alternative model for other large-scale exhibitions and biennials. The Web Biennial also made collaborations with curators and art managers such as Marcus Graf, Bengu Gun, Andrej Tisma, and Dimitris Fotiou who exhibited a selection from the biennial in Athens.

The Web Biennial’s Title This Year: APEIRON.
As a term coined by the ancient philosopher Anaximander (610 – 546 BC), APEIRON carries meanings like “indefinite” but also “boundless” and “infinite”. Even though we have lived in different epochs, Anaximander is from the Menderes region of Western Turkey. We drank the same waters and swam in the same seas, thus we feel that he is our fellow citizen.
We also have selected the concept of APEIRON to bring hope to the artists within the current pessimistic atmosphere of the pandemic. During the days, in which a dystopia has turned into reality, we choose to still believe, as Paul Feyerabend (1924-1994) also says, that “everything is possible”, and thus to keep on creating art. To imagine and reflect upon the concept of boundlessness has actually become one of our biggest necessities during these quarantine days. In this period, the term APEIRON and its potential for new possibilities can also be reflected on to the promises of the communication technology.

In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, mobile applications had seriously challenged the computer-based ones and had even managed to push them to a secondary position in the short run. By constraining our mobility, the pandemic has –in a sense- made the situation even. The quarantine days have showed us that we do not need to choose between electronic media. We still desperately need alternative and independent electronic exhibitions models. As they always say in Broadway, ‘the show must go on’. As Web Biennial 2020 APERION our main purpose is to continue creating and sharing art, and ideas to offer a sustainable platform for the documentation of contemporary conceptual experiments, electronic dreams and the develop survival strategies for the future.

Web Biennial 2020’s curator Ipek Yeginsu.
The Web Biennial’s advisory board has selected Ipek Yeginsu as the curator of the 2020 edition, APEIRON. Ms. Yeginsu is an independent art professional living and working in Istanbul. She is an academic instructor and a Ph.D. candidate at Ozyegin University Department of Design, Technology and Society. Curating her own exhibitions since 2013, she adopts a transdisciplinary, site-specific and pluralist-participatory curatorial approach. She regards exhibitions not as finished products, but as elements triggering the emergence of new dialogues around them. Her selected exhibitions include Intergalactic (Anna Laudel, 2019), “Speculative Spaces” (Kare Art, 2019), “Crossed Destinies: Homage to Calvino” (Bilsart, 2018), and “Synchronicity” (Mebusan 25, 2017).


AND finally, here is the open call:

The Web Biennial 2020 APERION will have online galleries exhibiting works by both invited artists and meet with new ones through an open call. We intend to keep our portfolio as diverse as possible, both geographically and technically. We are searching for the beautiful. We prefer online art that is experimental, NON-representational and fresh. We expect you to send us not a link to your website but to your works produced for WWW. We are curious about NOT what you have done in the past but what you are currently doing. Open call categories are:

  • We are looking for examples of Web-art and Internet art. We are open to interactive works. You may send us their links.
  • We are looking for images produced, generated or manipulated in digital environment. We may also accept animated Gifs and AI generated images.
  • We are looking for interesting examples of Video Art and Sound Art. You may send us the links to your files. It could be useful for you to describe in your e-mail why these works are authentic and how they relate to the Web Biennial’s main theme APERION.
  • We expect to receive your workshop topic proposals and outlines. We are planning to organize workshops on Zoom starting in May and going on all through the summer.
  • We are planning to make online conferences and artist talks. We will use Zoom and Instagram live (AND perhaps other technologies) to do this.
  • We expect articles as well as experimental and dada texts. You may directly send us your text files or their online links. We may be able to build an online archive out of them.


Please write the following information in the subject line of your application e-mail:

Name of the Artist and the Title of Your Project

We will prepare our galleries in accordance with the applications. First come first serve. Application is FREE.
Application Deadline: May 24, 2020.

Some of the confirmed artists: Erdal Inci, Candas Sisman, Lev Manovich, Chris Doyle, Claudia Hart, Eelco Brand, Can Buyukberber, Ayse Gul Suter, Soliman Lopez and more soon...

IMPORTANT: By applying to us via e-mail and sending us either your files or links, you accept that you grant us the permission to host and exhibit your work, in the electronic environment.
So, with the open call, the Web Biennial 2020 APEIRON kicks off. Our online galleries will be open on June 1st, 2020. Stay tuned for more.

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