This exhibition is not an Artwork in Itself

or While the tears are running down from my Eyes because of Staring too much to the empty Screen...
Genco Gulan, May 2020

For the Friends of the Museum exhibition, I wanted selfportrait drawings from my friends. We were all in the lock down period, globally and
everybody on the street were wearing masks. Interesthingly enough, none of my artist friends, except one, made a portrait while wearing a mask.
And that one exception was actually a victim of the invisible virus and he made an animation for us about his days in the hospital. My point here is
that the self portrait making is a very private issue for the artists. And the daily life, does not automatically reflect into ones art. I mean, the gesture
od drawing is not like taking selfies! It is not soo simple.

Making an Exhibition with Friends
When I curate an exhibition, I usually utilise multiple layers of ideas and intertwine them into each other. They may seem unrelated to the viewer at the
first hand but actually, they are used to build layers to alter the known meanings. Almost like building an installation or making an an assemblage. While
preparing the Friends of the Museum exhibition, my starting point was very clear; to make an exhibition with friends. I was really curious about
how they were and what were they doing during the lock down. For example Koray Erkaya, how was he doing in Toronto? Is he OK? I havent heard
from hin for a while. The quarantine period was a weird situation and it even locked down our communication skill. My cell phone did not rang for a while.

Any way, the hardship of the situation actually had always reverse effects on me. The harder the situation, the more motivated I get. In a recent interview
I gave to Pınar Derin Gencer, I explained her that "pesimism and melancoly are not a motivating factors for me". On the contarary, to start producing I
need to find a way to get out of negative thoughts. Thus, I decided to use the hardship of the situation as a leverage. Re-started working on my two online
portals and We will start calling friends, exchange ideas, make art at home and gather online.

Friends of the Museum
Actually the term Friends of the Museum is invented by the old school institutions to describe Museum's patrons and sponsor. They sell cards and provide
exclusive benefits under this title. Also like the term, Friends of Art, they are used to make money rather than providing socila services. Actually, I remember
going to one of the exclusive bars at the top of the Tate Modern in London together with a Friend of the Museum. I am totally not against these kind of
incentives but personally I did not need to have a card to have a dinner with a Tate director in Istanbul.

Any way, our Friends of the Museum exhibition is an electronic gathering and it is a social standing. It is a way of saying that; we are here. This is an artistic,
electronic solidarity exhibition. With more than 30 artists from all around the world, we want to say that; Show must go on! AND art needs to spread faster
than the pandemic or be as contagious as the virus to bring us to beautifull days.

Let me thank thank my artist friends once more. A museum can not exist without you...


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